We Live In Fear

We live in fear. Every time I turn on the TV or radio or pick up the newspaper it seems to me that someone else has been attacked, murdered, raped, bashed, killed in a high speed chase.... it's frightening.

How many of you go around the house at night before you go to bed checking that your doors and windows are secure? Does anyone remember when you didn't have to do this? When it was safe to leave your windows open at night while you slept, or your back door unlocked?

I remember.

It is so sad that our society has become increasingly violent, with many of our young people the aggressors, fueled by alcohol and rage. It is so bewildering, and heartbreaking to read about a 14 year old boy murdering a defenceless old man, or a group of teens kicking and stabbing someone etc etc. Unfortunately the list of violent crimes just keeps going and going....

People these days are so stressed and unhappy. They lash out at others, whether it is justified or not. They seem to have lost the capacity to help themselves, instead they shout and moan and demand that someone does it all for them. The old "The World Owes Me A Living" syndrome.

We live in fear. What sort of legacy are we leaving here? Our children grow up in an atmosphere of violence and disinterest, in a world where they are being bullied, where binge drinking, stealing, driving too fast in cars they don't have the experience to control, and doing drugs is the norm. And then we wonder why our teen suicide rate is one of the highest in the world?! No kidding! I am so glad I don't have kids - what a world for them to be living in. No wonder they don't know who they are or how to cope with life.

The loss of the family unit has, in my opinion, contributed enormously to the general decline in standards. We don't have respect for each other any more. We don't have a family bond any more. We are too busy chasing our tails trying to earn enough to keep the wolf from the door that we just don't have time any more.

We need to get back to our roots and be kind to one another. Try to do something nice for someone every day. It's a very small step, but if everyone did just one nice thing each day - things may just start to get better one day.