Unconditional Love - Animals in Need

www.alleycatphotos.com/book.htm (scroll down and click on `Open Book' at the bottom of the screen)

I came across this site and it really made me think how cruel humans are, how uncaring towards the waifs and strays that increasingly wander the streets, unloved and uncared for. What sort of life do these poor animals have? A sad, short and lonely one. All because humans don't care enough to make sure their pets are spayed, or they think "oh how cute, let's get a kitty or a puppy for Christmas" then they grow up and have babies, which get dumped somewhere to fend for themselves. All these animals want is love, a warm home, and a square meal. Not too much to ask?

The alley cat's story is such a sad little tragedy in our cities. We should all think a little more about responsibility and caring. To me, a person that can't love an animal is missing something inside, something essential.

But there is hope out there that the human race has a heart - organisations such as www.theanimalrescuesite.com and www.alleycat.org, www.petfinder.com and www.unconditionallovefoundation.org - to name but a few. There are kind caring people out there after all.

Can you look into your heart and find the compassion to become one of these people?

Even if you can't adopt a cat from a rescue organisation, you could give a donation to help feed and care for them.

You'll be a better person for it and the animals will be so grateful to be loved. Bring a little light into their lives - please?