All in my Head

I have a fairly wide range of music I like to listen to but isn't it just SO annoying when a particular song, for no apparent reason, just pops into your head and there it sits, playing over and over and over again! It just won't go away. You find yourself singing it, humming it, tapping your feet or fingers to it and even thinking it when you are reading or watching TV or talking to someone? No? Must just be me then :-)

Seriously, I am sure this has happened to all of us at some stage. I have always wondered what random thought process allows the song in question to enter your mind. Because when I find out why it happens I am going to STOP it once and for all! It drives me crazy!!
The latest in-head invader is Robots by Flight of the Conchords - my apologies to all of you out there that now have this song running through their brain...  binary solo :-)

Oh noes, I just saw Ladies of the World on You Tube! You know what happened don't you? Yep, new song-in-the-head....maybe if I go to sleep it'll be gone when I wake up.