Simon's Cat

This one's for all you cat lovers out there - I know there's quite a few of you. Have you ever seen Simon's Cat? Talk about brilliant! Simon Tofield has it down to perfection. If you have a cat in your home you will instantly recognise traits in Simon's Cat that mirror your own lovely moggy's behaviour. The old saying "Dogs have Masters, Cats have Staff" is definitely a true statement. Go on, admit it - your cats rule the roost. Watch the films and laugh and laugh - Simon's Cat is a little devil indeed.

If you're not already a fan and haven't seen this brilliant website, here's the link:

I have had a few furry friends over the years and I do miss having a cat in the house. The snuggles, the moods, the "you vill do vat I vant RIGHT NOW! attitude, the silly little things they do - cats are magic. But right now, it's just not practical to have one (or two or three), as I am not home very long each day and it just wouldn't be fair to leave them on their own for that long. But one day in the not too distant future I'll be heading off to the local animal shelter and see which cats decide I'm worthy to be on their staff - I can't wait!


Angus insisting I feed him NOW!