Our Values

I believe our values are profoundly flawed. We value people who entertain us, but not those who care for us. Take doctors for example. They spend years studying medicine, incurring huge debts which they have to pay off once they graduate and begin work treating our ailments and saving our lives. Most of them don't earn a vast amount. Yet on the other hand, we pay people who entertain us megabucks. Millions. Billions. I don't understand that. It seems so wrong.

Not convinced yet? Okay. Who gets paid the most out of the following list of professions?

Doctors & Nurses (excluding Cosmetic Surgeons)


Airline Pilots

Ambulance Officers



.... or Entertainers?

If you picked anything except Entertainers or Cosmetic Surgeons you are deluding yourselves.

I cannot understand a society that does not value these people. They save lives, they educate us, they keep us safe. But we don't show our appreciation. We take them for granted. We need to change. Sure, its nice to listen to a nice CD or go to a show or a movie, but why does that mean that we place these people over and above all others? Why do we treat them like gods? Scream, faint, pay exhorbitant amounts of money to go and see them? Why? Just because they make us feel good? That's great, really it is, but it doesn't justify exalting them to me.

Just my humble opinion. Don't get me wrong, I think these people are talented. I really love listening to my favourite band. I enjoy going to the movies. I love seeing a live play. I would jump at the chance to see a big star live. But do I value them above all others? No. I don't.