Mission Accomplished!

Yay! The rain held off and the big move went smoothly. Those Hammond Transport guys are awesome - got on with the job and did it fast. Now it's just a matter of figuring out where I want things and trying to find where on earth I put things! It's always a pain for a few weeks after you move house cos the storage is different and you have to learn where everything goes all over again. Oh well, this is a nice warm house and a quiet area - slept like a log for the past couple of nights, despite having Fergusson Drive (the main drag out of Upper Hutt) only metres away. I am just going to love my new landlord - he is such a lovely guy.

Wish Dad had been around to see my new place - it feels really weird that this is the first place I have lived that he will never see. Called up to Akatarawa to say hello today - it is such a beautiful cemetery, very peaceful and very colourful. I have not seen any other cemetery with so many flowers - everyone up there must have been much loved. I am still struggling with the fact that my beloved Dad is there, even though it is has been 9 months now. I will probably find it hard for quite some time to come.

Well I am off to do some more pottering around, have a nice cuppa coffee and a read etc before I head for bed to get some sleep so I can face the work week.

Love you Dad and thanks so much to my lovely Mum for helping me move - couldn't have done it without you.