It's Spring?

It's spring but winter just won't go away! I'm beginning to wonder if summer is ever coming - the past couple of weeks have been just awful! Unseasonable snow storms, wild winds, torrential rain, freezing cold - it's pretty weird weather for this time of year. Added to that, all the disasters in the Pacific area at the moment and that makes it all a bit of a concern. I mean, all these earthquakes and tsunamis's, cyclones, mud slides...let's hope all stays well here in New Zealand and that we're not next on the natural disaster list!

Up to 50cm fell in some places, farmers are losing livestock as lambing has started. Earlier this week over 600 motorists were caught on the Napier Taupo Highway in a snow storm. Some had to be rescued by army unimogs.The MetService has issued snow warnings today for the Hawkes Bay, Central North Island, Marlborough and Canterbury. Up to 35cm is expected in areas down to about 400m today with lesser falls down to 200m.

I want warm weather! Totally over rain, wind and snow. Mind you, it does look spectacular when you look out the window and see the snow on the Tararua Ranges - absolutely stunning. But enough is enough - stop all this rubbish and bring me sunshine!