It's My Birthday!

So, today is my birthday and I am 52 years old, which is a bit scary when I think about it. I mean, where have all the years gone - and what happened to all the things I was going to have done by this time?  

My Dad died 18 months ago and I still miss him. I miss being able to talk to him. His death made me wonder what life was all about if you have to suffer like he did. I've cried many tears since he became ill and since he died, but I think it's beautiful that he was the kind of man that you loved enough to cry for his loss. I know I feel a bit sad today. It's been a hard road these past 18 months. I am very thankful that I still have my Mum, who is wonderful - I love her very much.

I share my birthday with one of my nephews (there is 30 years between us). He didn't like the fact that this was so when he was a young lad, but in time came to appreciate that it was special. So Happy Birthday to you too nephew of mine!

To be totally honest, I don't really like celebrating my birthday. It is a kind of indefinable feeling and I really have no idea why I feel this way. Perhaps I don't like being the centre of attention?

I did a bit of research and found the following famous people also share my birthday:

1974 Robbie Williams (singer, entertainer)

1950 Peter Gabriel (singer, video maker)
1944 Stockard Channing (actress)
1944 Jerry Springer (TV Host)
1942 Peter Tork (guitarist, singer, tv performer)
1942 Carol Lynley (Jones) (actress)
1941 Bo Svenson (actor)
1938 Oliver Reed (actor)
1934 George Segal (actor)
1933 Kim (Marilyn) Novak (actress)
1930 Dotty McGuire (singer)
1925 Gene Ames (singer)
1923 Chuck Yeager (aviator)
1920 Eileen Farrell (opera singer)
1919 Tennessee Ernie Ford (country singer)
1911 Jean Muir (Fullarton) (actress)
1892 Grant Wood (painter)
1885 Bess Truman (wife of President Truman)
1873 L.L. Bean (founder mail-order company)


Wish I had their money but not their fame - I think it would suck big time being famous - no privacy! Gives me the shudders..

Anyway, Happy Birthday to me and anyone else celebrating their birthday today. I wish you happiness, health and wealth for the coming year.