I want one of these!

An Australian family is turning heads with a rotating house that can guarantee a different view every time they wake up.

The Everinghams have been in a spin since they moved into their dream home in the countryside north of Sydney three years ago. They can turn the house to follow the sun without having to leave the comfort of their armchairs.

"When you wake up you do wonder where you'll be facing," said Luke Everingham, a sound-engineer who came up with the idea with his wife, Deb, after chatting with neighbours.

The neighbours wished they had built their home 15 degrees further to the north to capture more sunlight.

The octagonal-shaped house sits on a turntable powered by a small electric motor and controlled by a computer, which allows it move on demand.

The house cost about A$700,000 (NZ$881,000) to build and can complete a full rotation in about 30 minutes, according to the Everinghams' own website.

 (story from https://www.stuff.co.nz/oddstuff/3162090/Rotating-house-puts-family-in-a-spin)