I still miss you

It's eight years since my father died. I thought I would get over it eventually but I haven’t. I have come to realise that i never will.

My world changed when he died. He has left a space that will never be filled.  You see, once someone has been in your life you can't ever get over them not being there any more - and why would you want to? You loved them, they're gone - it hurts. 

I don’t want to come to terms with Dad’s death. It’s horrible that he isn’t there any more. I'm sad and there are so many `what if's' churning through my mind still, after all these years. I hope he knew how much I loved him.

I will remember him and grieve for him until the day I die. I love you Dad and always will do.

Terence Anzac Piper
1931 - 2008