Eeek! It's a.....

Late in the evening, time to make a hot drink then head off to snuggle under the covers to get some beauty sleep (as if!). Wouldn't that be nice... go to sleep and wake up beautiful. I'd pay money for that. But that's not my story today.

Standing at the kitchen bench, stirring my hot drink, I saw movement out of the corner of my eye. The thought flashed through my head "Arrrgh, its a cockroach!". Scuttling sideways at a great rate of knots, I looked to see what the heck it was and it was...a teeny tiny Mouse! Whiskers quivering, little paws held up, he was frozen, staring at me with just as much shock as I felt. You could just see a little thought bubble above his head saying "Oh my god, oh my god, a human! What do I do?! What do I do?" He swung about and scurried under the microwave.


Me standing in the middle of the kitchen eyeing this mouse peering around the back of the microwave thinking okay, what do I do now? How on earth do I get this mouse out of my kitchen? And the mouse is thinking okay, what do I do now? How on earth do I get past this human and get out of here alive?

Hmmm, have to think on this one. To make it clear, I have no objection to mice as such, I just don't think they have a place in my kitchen. Mice are actually very clean animals. Their grooming habits are closest to cats. They are constant groomers and work hard to make sure they are clean. They make good small pets that are easily tamed, they are very inquisitive, and can be great companions.

So, back to my problem. How do I get it out of here without killing it? And how did it get in here? Perhaps it was looking for food, but not a chance in hell in my Grade A clean kitchen. After having lived in many houses that had an ant problem, I have got into the habit of wiping down surfaces thoroughly and sealing up any food in airtight containers - so no munchies here for you Mr Mouse!

I retreated into the lounge with my coffee (decaffinated of course) to think about it (making sure the kitchen door was shut tight behind me naturally!). After much thought, I had come up with precisely no ideas at all. So I ventured back into the kitchen to see if the problem had solved itself. No such luck. Mr Mouse was still peering around the back of the microwave at me.

Right, I don't have time to muck around here, I want to go to bed and I sure as heck am NOT going to go to sleep with a mouse in the house! So I edge over towards the microwave. The mouse goes eeeekk and scurries out the other side, makes a dash across the sink bench and into a gap between the bench top and the wall (no, my kitchen was not built by a master craftsman). Note to myself: ask landlord to send home handyman in to seal up said gap pronto.

Thank goodness! Elvis has left the building.

Just to make sure though, I occupy myself for the next few minutes stuffing plastic bags into the gap to make sure he can't come back. Sorry Mr Mouse, nothing personal. Glad you made it out alive. Don't come back now, y'hear?