Campaign for Real Beauty

Just what is Fat? The ideal woman these days is apparently a stick-thin big-breasted girl that eats 3 lettuce leafs and an apple and earns megabucks a day whilst partying with cool people and jetting around the world to do music videos or fashion shoots and be seen with their celebrity boyfriends (oh, and get trashed regularly on drugs and booze and check into rehab). Yeah right.

These women (and yes, they do exist, heaven help us ordinary gals) are not the norm.There are a lot of woman out there who are "overweight" (read over a size 10) and are comfortable with themselves but society makes us feel bad about our size.

How many young girls are suffering from anorexia or bulemia because of the ridiculous media-driven values that are held up as ideals? Being fat is not always about overeating, there are other things that contribute to weight gain, but we still judge people by their size. Not fair.

Kim at wrote: I think an important part of fat acceptance is really understanding what fat acceptance is. Its personal, its not the same way for everyone. It isn't just about being fat, its wanting to be treated equally and fairly. Its about not wanting to be judged on being fat. Its about being treated kindly because we are another human being. It means being free of assumptions and half truths. It means being judged less and loved more.

I think it's sad that Kim thinks she's fat. Nobody is overweight because they want to be, but to think you're fat? She looks pretty normal to me! It's not fair that people are judged because of their size - are they less of a person because of their weight? I am embarrassed to admit that I have done it myself - seen an overweight person and thought or said "gee, they need to lose a bit of weight!". Really, the only person who has to like your body is the person in that body - YOU!

I applaud the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty for taking the initiative to change society's perception of body image and boost self esteem worldwide - for both men and women. Check it out for yourself.