Brave or Stupid?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to drive an 18-wheeler 350 kilometres on a highway made of ice over a series of frozen lakes? I have been watching the series "Ice Road Truckers" and this is exactly what they do. The highway, which is in northern Canada, costs approximately 10 million a year to build and lasts for only a couple of months.

In this short time, dozens of 18-wheelers haul heavy loads of vital supplies and equipment across the ice to Canada's remote diamond mines. Once the ice road melts, these mining communities are inaccessible. This documentary-style reality series reveals a world which most people don’t even realise exists - and it's a pretty scary world! But the rewards are great - a seasoned trucker can earn a year's salary in a few short months, and obviously these guys think the risk is worth it. When asked why they do it, they invariably answer that they do it to provide a better life for their families. They must love them a lot to take the risks that they do.

Temperatures drop to minus 42 degrees, there is a constant risk of going through the ice, and they can only drive at 15 miles an hour, otherwise the ice may crack. You can hear the ice creaking when they first drive onto it - a sound that would put the fear of God into most of us. I admire their guts - these men have the proverbial "balls of steel"! These men are tough. These men are awesome. These men are BRAVE.

Watch this programme if you can - it's an insight into a world we will probably never know otherwise.