Blogs Away!

What makes a good blog? Hard to say - different things appeal to different people and it's all a matter of personal choice. Time Magazine published their list of the top 25 blogs for 2009 recently. I don't know what their criteria is, but suspect it is based on popularity.

I don't think my blog is ever going to go viral, but I'm grateful that anyone reads it at all, so thank you very much to those of you that chance across my wee site and stay for a while to delve deeper. Some of you even come back! (me love you long time....)

So, why do I blog? It's a way of letting my feelings and thoughts out. The original purpose of this site was to express my grief over the loss of my father and tell the world about him through words and pictures, but now I find it strangely comforting knowing that if life is getting me down or I am burning to say something that I can just come here and let it all out. 

Anyway, back to the "best blogs" subject. My favourites didn't make the list, but I think they are just as good. Mosey on over and check them out and see if you agree with me.

The Problem with Young People Today Is... written by Donald Mills, who is absolutely hilarious - if you want a good laugh, with a sprinkling of truth, head over to Don's blog.

Musings of a High School Vampire - written by Jonathon8. Not for everyone, but I stumbled across it and it appealed to me.

Moata's Blog Idle - Moata Tamaira is a librarian with a black-belt in sarcasm who's been meaning to get one in procrastination too but always ends up watching TV instead. Her blog is an unholy mash-up of whimsy, cynicism and wry observation.