Being Happy

Everyone has the same basic desire - to be happy. You can search the world for somebody who is more deserving of your love than yourself and you won't find them. So why then don't the majority of us love ourselves? What holds us back from being happy?

I believe it is simply our own low self-esteem. Low self-esteem is about not valuing yourself. Some people don't believe they are likeable or attractive, and constantly compare themselves to others - as if their lives would instantly be perfect if they only looked like this person or that person, or were richer / famous/ thinner... and so on. Hey, I do it myself - wish that I was thinner, richer, had Brad as a boyfriend :-)

I think that the key to being happy is to learn what our strengths are and accept our weaknesses.

We need to stop wishing we were someone else. Money helps to ease the way, sure, but you can be as rich as Bill Gates and still be unhappy. You can look like Brad Pitt or Bar Refaeli and still be unhappy.

We forever have our hands out for more than we need.

We need to relearn how to look within, rely on our friends and family, and be happy with what we already have.

Every day that we wake up in this beautiful world that we live in is a good day my friends.