Lynette reminded me the other day how Dad used to clap his hands and dance around and sing “Wouldn’t you like to be intelligent and good looking like me?” You always did things to make us laugh Dad, so I promise you I will keep doing that. It’s not goodbye Dad - it’s see you later.

Your favourite daughter

My Dad worked hard when I was young
But we always had a lot of fun.
He took us running, swimming and tennis
And never thought it a menace.

Horsey rides down the hallway to bed
And he tucked in the covers till my head turned red!
Your love shines through strong and proud
Although it was not said aloud
I look at you now and know that you feel
Life has given you a really good deal.

So Dad, I thank you for showing me how
To dig down deep and live in the now.
Each day that dawns I think of you Dad
And you know what?
It makes me feel glad.



My father instilled in his children the unerring credo that you must always do the right thing. It didn't matter if doing the right thing was difficult, or if doing the right thing was the popular thing to do. What mattered is that you always stay true to your convictions, and your actions must be consistent with your beliefs.

My father was a simple man. He understood that there is a right way and a wrong way to do things and the only option is to do the right thing.

My father was a man that others knew they could depend on.

My father taught me that we are not the most important thing in the world.  Instead, the most important things are those around us. He lived his life being there for the people that needed him, and those who knew and loved him will always thank him for that.

My father always led by example, and to those of us fortunate enough to know him, that example was a very good one.

My father was a great man. He touched everyone around him in such a positive way. He loved his family with a passion that was unquestioned, and he was proud of each of us in so many ways. He is the reason that we have become the people we are today, and I thank him for that.

I can think of no better thing in the world than to be the legacy of this man.

Thank you Dad for all that you've done. Thank you Dad for all the examples you set for us. And thank you Dad for being there for me when I needed you.

You are so missed, but you live on in all those you have touched. I will hold you in my heart until the day I die.

Daughter No. 1